About us

Jangli Bili was born from the idea of creating a unique blend between the Desi Culture and the western world to bring to life a new and completely original clothing style.

From the start we have wanted to manufacture and use the textile from our home country of Pakistan. We are proud to to showcase the skills and craftsmanship that our country has to offer

The concept that lies behind the creation of the Jangi Bili brand is to break down the barriers between different cultures in our globalised world and to show the world the Desi Culture and heritage in a new and different manner

We are very proud to say that we solely work with factories and local suppliers who do not engage in child labour and respect the rights of their employees this is a very important factor for us

Jangli Bili is a brand that reflects the everyday lifestyle in order to allow you to wear our designs from dusk till dawn. We believe in clothes that are stylish, functional and made with utmost care in regards of quality and finishing

We hope that our collections will enable you to live a unique and different life